How can I make a booking for one of your trips?

You can send us an email or call us to book your place, but we recommend email.

The information required is: tour name, departure date, names and nationality of participants, contact email and phone number, flight schedule and dietary requirements.
Depending on the tour some other information may be needed, but we will contact you for that. We will handle the booking usually within the next working day and contact you for confirmation.

Tours with guaranteed departure dates can be booked online at our regional webshop. In case online booking is possible, you find the link to the booking platform in the tour description.

Is my booking always directly confirmed?

Tours with guaranteed departures
*If you book online, you'll get the instant confirmation.
*If you book by email, the booking won’t be valid until you get our confirmation. We recommend no flights are booked until you have had our reply.

Tours on request
When bookings are, 'on request,’ it means availability for the chosen accommodations needs to be checked. If any accommodations are fully booked, we will contact you to discuss alternative accommodations or dates.

What happens after my booking request is approved?

You will then receive the confirmation and invoice by e-mail, and details of how to make your first payment. You can take a look at our payment terms here.

How do I organize my flights?

You must book your flights yourself or through your local travel agent. Be sure to book your flights after you have received the final confirmation from us.

Is it possible to travel bus or train instead of flying?

Yes. It is usually possible to travel by bus/train from Helsinki to the departure point of the trip. Please do not hesitate to contact us for further information.

Can you assist me with buses or trains to get to my destination?

Yes. We can help you with booking bus and train tickets.

What is a guaranteed departure?

For most tours we offer guaranteed departure dates. There is no minimum number of participants and when you book, we guarantee the tour will run. Groups on guaranteed departures are multinational and the guiding language is English.

Can a tour be tailored?

Yes. All tours, with the exception of guaranteed departure dates, can be tailored to your requirements. If you wish to have a proposal for a tailored group tour please contact us.

Are tours suitable for children?

There are several tours especially designed for families with children; these also include child prices.

Our hiking/skiing/snowshoeing tours are not suitable for small children as they are too physically demanding. It is difficult to give an age limit for these tours as it depends on the individual and his/her physical abilities and we leave this to the discretion of the parents or guardians.

Can you book me a hotel in Helsinki?

Yes we can. Many of our guests make a stop-over in Helsinki and we can take care of the hotel bookings. We have a partner hotel both in city centre and near the airport. Please ask for further information.

Please read through the section, Practical information for further details and to help make your stay more comfortable and enjoyable.