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Active holidays in Eastern Finland

Guided trekkings and activity holidays

Upitrek is a nature travel company and a fully licensed tour operator based in Finland. Our team specializes in guided multiday trekkings, activity holidays and school camps in Wild Taiga area located in north-eastern Finland. Our tours are designed for small groups, which provides a personalized and unique experience. We offer tours with set dates for individual travelers and can also organize group tours of any size upon request. Since our establishment in 2000, we’ve catered to an international clientele and have been dedicated to creating unforgettable experiences in the heart of Finnish nature. 

Off the Trails Snowshoeing
©Martinus van Heereveld
A queue of skiers in the Finnish wilderness
Guide explaining the group on a hiking tour.
Tyttö uimassa avannossa
Lunch break around an open fire in the wintry forest.
©Pirjo Natunen
A father canoeieg with his son on an open Indian canoe.