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Winter tours

Cross-country skiing, snowshoeing, multiadventure…

© Hannu Huttu

Finland winter holidays

From December to early April our area is covered by some of the deepest snow in Finland. This allows us to offer a long season of varied winter tours:

  • Cross-country skiing tours
  • Snowshoeing tours
  • Multiactivity holidays
  • Back-country skiing tours 
  • Husky safaris
  • Family tours
  • School camps

The best season for cross-country skiing and snowshoeing tours is from mid-February to early April. Multiactivity holidays – including a mixture of snow activities – begin around Christmas time and the season goes on until April.  Back-country skiing tours are organized from late Feb to early April. 

All our tours are guided, with full board and including luggage transfers between accommodations where necessary.

Worried about cold weather?
Even if the temperature drops to -25 centigrade, don’t worry! The dry continental climate doesn’t feel as cold as you might think, and when you are properly dressed you can do the activities without a problem.

Our winter tours

Experience a thrilling and magical winter wonderland!